Joel Okundi OBENGO

Joel Obengo works in Kenyatta University, a researcher, security commentator, a Humanitarian volunteer with Kenya Redcross, expert witness and a Development Reporter (Global Peace and Security Issues)-Global South Development Magazine.

Previously, Joel worked for Total, Postbank, Standard Media Group and have occasionally been engaged by the Kenya’s electoral body as a Presiding Officer in Naivasha, Nyakach and Hamisi constituencies. He is also a distinguished rapporteur.

Joel has authored three conference papers. He authored a paper titled UNSC Membership Reform for effective management to be published in the second Quarter of 2015 by Africa Security Review and article on Hydro politics of Nile: A case of Egypt and Ethiopia to be to published by US-China Public Administration Journal.

Joel holds Bachelor of Commerce, Post Graduate Certificate in Armed Conflict and Crisis Management. In June 2014, Joel completed a global governance programme of the University of Passau/KU Leuven/European University Institute. He holds Certificates of International Human Rights from Universidad Diego Portales, Terrorism and Counter Terrorism from Georgetown University, Moral Foundation in Politics from Yale University, Post Graduate Certificate in Conflict studies from Peace Operation Training Institute, Certificate in Conflict studies from United States Institute of Peace, Central Challenges of American National Security, Strategy, and the Press from Harvard’s Belfer Centre for Science and International Affairs, Security Sector Reforms from United Nations Institute for Training and Research /Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces, Specialization Certificate in Challenges in Global Affairs from University of Geneva/Leiden University, Public Diplomacy from Diplo Foundation, Migration and Development from The Network University and Psychology of Negotiation from Leuphana University.

In 2013 and 2014, Joel underwent various institutional strengthening programmes of the World Bank Institute. He attended the annual Professional Development Workshops of the Claremont Graduate Institute in 2013 and 2014.

In 2014, Joel was honored by an invitation of the African Unison to be an Observer in the 24th Ordinary Session of the Executive Council and the 22nd Ordinary Session of the African Union and in September 2014 as a guest speaker on Humanitarian Assistance in the meeting of young African leaders.

Joel is an alumnus of CSCM World Congress on CBRNe and a member of Geneva Peacebuilding Platform.

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