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, Paris, septembre 2014

Mandela Institute (MI)

Think Tank that aims to promote equity, open economy, international help and African unity.

The Mandela Institute is an international Think Tank that aims to promote equity, open economy, international help and African unity. Its leaders want to preserve thought and inspiration of President Nelson Mandela and to promote the values of open society and peace all over Africa. The Mandela Institute wants to embody help and expertises for Institutions and Governments. It put together international skills based on the human rights principles and values that Nelson Mandela always kept alive : Peace and leaving together. The Mandela Institute will give a vision of strategic stakes of the continent to improve the role of the African economies in the trade globalization. Action minded, the core of its expertise will be regarding on security, peace, economic growth and development, governance, democracy and free elections, environment and public policies.

The Mandela Institute will organize briefings, tutorials, international conférences, debates, and strategic meetings for experts and décision-makers. It will organize meetings between politics, NGOs, foreign countries and international companies


  • Honorary President: Olivier Strin.

  • President: Dr. Paul Kananura.

  • President of the Orientation Committee: Nicolas Contassot.

  • President of the Scientific Council: Brice Arsène Mankou.

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  • Peace, security and development.

  • Rise of African economies and taking part to the globalization of trade.

  • Geostrategic issues.

  • Democracy in Africa.

  • New ways of African governance.

  • Energy, Climate, environment and nature protection.

The Mandela Institute is a think tank at countries disposal to provide publications and reports in the President Mandela’s heritage. Reports and recommendations are sent to governments, businessmen so as society’s association. It can be helpful in formulating geostrategic stakes in the international institutions. It will produces decision-making support by providing studies, reports, trainings and consultancy.

The Mandela Institute aims to be a training center, a workshop for all those who work in the public sector in Africa. Politicians such as businessmen can be part of the work and can access to publications. It’s also an African Forum for peace, security, governance, economics, politics in Africa. It will work to restore trust between politics, businessmen and people all over Africa.

Région d’intérêt


  • To promote peace and development all over Africa by raising new governances.

  • To promote new ways for Africa to take part of the trade globalization.

  • To promote security in Africa by preventing war and terrorism.

  • To promote the culture of results and public responsibility.

  • To help governments to set up new public policies based on social efficiency.

  • To raise up new ideas from published diagnostics.

  • To organize meetings and public events to promote new ideas.

  • To build up a strong network of reseachers, ministries, ambassadors, businessmen…

  • To promote projects by creating international links between business, governments, researchers to enhance day-to-day live of African populations.

  • To defend African interests all over the world.

  • To set up a new kind of African Forum.

Moyens d’action
  • Fund raising.

  • Call for projects.

  • Project management.

  • Implementation and control.

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