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Iréné est un site de ressources documentaires destiné à favoriser l’échange de connaissances et de savoir faire au service de la construction d’un art de la paix.
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Transformation de conflit, de Karine Gatelier, Claske Dijkema et Herrick Mouafo

Aux Éditions Charles Léopold Mayer (ECLM)


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, France, juin 2016

Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (HumanDHS)

Toward a world that dignifies all - healing and preventing cycles of humiliation

Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies is a global transdisciplinary network and fellowship of concerned academics, practitioners, activists, artists, and many others.

HumanDHS wishes to stimulate systemic change, globally and locally, to open space for dignity, mutual respect and esteem to take root and grow.

Its members believe that a frame of cooperation and shared humility is necessary — not a mindset of humiliation — if we wish to build a better world, a world of equal dignity for all.

They do everything possible to cultivate a relational climate characterized by dignity, walking our talk, and mutual growth. For more than a decade, their relational approach has been more than sustainable, it has offered a new model of collaborative action, a replenishing relational-organizational climate that is constantly evolving and growing with — rather than at the expense of — the people involved. Michael Britton wrote on July 18, 2015: « I feel fortunate to have found a home in HumanDHS where the labors of inquiry, honesty, integrity, dignity, trust and trustworthiness, humility are at the heart of who we are and what we do. »

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Ending humiliating practices, preventing new ones from arising, and fostering healing from cycles of humiliation throughout the world.

Moyens d’action

Conferences, Dignity Press, Online Publications, Research, Digniblogs, Education, Collection of quotes, Interventions (ideas for action) etc.

Lieu(x) de l’action

Europe (Paris, Berlin, Oslo), Costa Rica, China, Hawai’i, Turkey, New Zealand, South Africa, Rwanda, Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand

Approche de la paix

HumanDHS vision is to help build a world where every human being can live a dignified life. Its vision is Unity in Diversity, or more precisely: to work for more unity and at the same time for more diversity. HumanDHS believes that diversity is only dignifying as long as it is embedded into the unity of shared goals. Its members do not believe in global uniformity, nor in divisive diversity.

Mots clefs de l’acteur

Unity in Diversity ; mutual respect