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India, juillet 2007

NREGA: A paradigm shift from other Wage Employment Programmes in India

Along with the provisions of legal entitlements and process reengineering, NREGA marks a pradigm shift from other wage employment programmes in India - An analysis

Design of NREGA compared with other Wage Employment Programmes
IssueOther Wage Employment ProgrammesNREGA
StatusProgrammeStatute. Programme operates under a statute and has to conform to the legal framework and processes
FocusWorks and infrastructureEmployment generation
ProcessNo prescribed process for starting approved worksLegally prescribed Processes :
–application for registration
–issue of job card-written application for employment
–issue dated receipt of employment application
EmploymentSupply led. Works are opened by implementing agencies and then labour is engagedDemand-based. Application by Wage seekers for employment and then works are opened. Wage seekers demand is necessary for opening works
LabourAny one can be engaged as labourOnly locally domiciled families that apply for registration and are issued Job Cards can apply for employment
Duration of EmploymentDependent on duration of work by implementing agencyLegal Guarantee of as many days of employment as a job card holding family applies for, subject to maximum 100 days
Nature of worksAny workNo 60:40 ratio of wage -material 60:40 ratio of wages and materialPermissible works :
–Water Conservation
–Drought Proofing(including plantation and afforestation)
–Flood Protection
–Land Development
–Minor Irrigation, horticulture and land development on the land of SC/ST/ BPL/IAY and Land reform beneficiaries
–Rural connectivity
Transparency -Social audit
-Information in public domain
Accountability –Job Cards with unique number have to be given to local families that seek registration
–- Written applications from job card holders demanding employment have to received
–The Demand has to be formally acknowledged through dated receipts
–Employment within 15 days of demand has to be providedOnly authenticated Muster rolls issued by the Programme Officer to be used.
–All entries of Records at GP/Block levels: Job Cards, Employment, Assets, Funds
–Liability of the State Governments to pay an unemployment allowance at their cost, if they fail to provide employment within fifteen days of demand
Financial Support25% State share75% Centre shareFixed Allocation Fixed share to each PRI tierDemand Based. No fixed allocation to any PRI. Only 50% of works approved to be executed by Gram Panchayat. Incentive structure in the release of Central share Central Funds are released on the basis of Demand for employment received in a district and the districts provision of guaranteed employment within 15 days. 90% assistance from Centre if employment is provided within 15 days of demand.If not, then State will pay unemployment allowance at its own cost.