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Ivan Monzon

Ivan Monzon, M.A (San Carlos University and Mariano Gálvez University), works in the American Friends Service Committee office in Guatemala on Urban Insecurity and Peacebuilding.

Ivan is a Pychologist by training with a specialisation in Mental Health, Social Psychology and Conflict Transformation.

He has over 10 years experience in a private practice and teaching at San Carlos University and Panamerican University.

Previously he worked as director of the Peacbuilding and Conflict Transformation Insitute of the Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala.

Ivan Monzon produced more than 10 books including « Enterprise, Politics and Social Change » together with Dr. Fernando Valdéz; « Mediation Practices in Guatemala », “Urban Insecurity and Conflict Transformation” (AFSC), and the most recent work in printing is « Youth Platforms for Action: a guide to the participation of young citizens in violen urban areas » (AFSC).

Has participated in the following dossier:

  • Témoignages de Paix / Testimonios de paz / As Said by Artisans of Peace

    Entretiens réalisés auprès d’Artisans de Paix, tous acteurs et protagonistes par leur engagement quotidien, de la construction d’un Art de la paix / Entrevistas realizadas con Artesanos de Paz, cada uno actor y protagonista en su compromiso cotidiano, de la construcción de un Arte de la paz / Interviews conducted with Artisans of Peace, all actors, through their daily commitment, of the construction of an Art of Peace.

A participé à l’atelier :

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