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  • Réseau d’Actions Paisibles des Anciens Combattants pour le Développement Intégré de tous au Burundi (RAPACODIBU)

    Cette association d’ex-combattants vise à mettre en œuvre les actions de consolidation de la paix au désarmement de la population civile burundaise, condition sine qua non à la réconciliation est au développement durable.

    Robin GERBAUX, Grenoble, March 2014

  • Institut Peace 2000

    L’Institut « Peace 2000 » est un institut islandais, non-gouvernemental, dont l’action de paix s’étend de l’aide humanitaire d’urgence à l’information et à la diffusion de valeurs. Par ses nombreux associés, Peace 2000 se réparti dans plus de quarante pays.

    Sophie Arie, Paris, June 2008

  • Children’s rights

    Many of us believe that, children get the best protection from family and are more likely to provide the best conditions for a healthy development, which is true to a large extend. However, it is also a fact that children in many a context prevent break up of families especially in more traditional communities. Children have unwittingly kept the institution of family alive and bound together men women who are consciously selfish by nature. Children continue to call adults to experience love and peace and to be vulnerable and generous givers. There are also instances where children have kept the family from suicide and starvation by shouldering the breadwinner role in the family. Stories of this type may be not common but are a reality. Especially in situations where the earning member of the family has disappeared; due to war, conflict, breakup of family for any other reasons where children have become the ultimate victims.