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Modus Operandi


Bruxelles, Novembre 2007

Nonviolent Peaceforce

Nonviolent conflict interventions in the panorama of work on conflicts

A review of the work strategies of peace teams, civil peace services and other NGOs in conflict interventions

An overview of key concepts and fundamental questions about the inter-relationship of nonviolence, conflict and intervention, and an analysis of the role of peace teams, civil peace services and aid/development organizations in fostering peace at grassroots level.

The dossier begins by introducing the different aspects of the concepts of nonviolence and conflict. Conflict interventions as a form of nonviolent action can be based both on pragmatic or principled considerations. To fully understand conflict interventions it is necessary to look at categories, causes and dimensions of conflicts. The introductory files about nonviolence and conflict prepare the ground for an analysis of different aspects related to nonviolent conflict interventions’ theory and practice. The dossier will develop by reviewing some of/ analyze the role and potential of peace teams, civil peace services and aid and development organizations in non-violent or civilian intervention. For each category it will be highlighted and identified its role and potential, the outcomes and impacts of its action and the conditions for its success in the field.

Authors :

  • Christine Schweitzer

  • Donna Howard

  • Carl Stieren

Adaptation by :

  • Rachel Julian

  • Mauro Morabito