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Gabriel Aguilera Peralta

  • Citizen of guatemala, Gabriel Aguilera is a political scientist.

  • He was an academic professor and researcher and consultant for international organisms.

  • His area of specialty is conflict resolution and studies of security and defence.

  • He was ((Minister of External Relations)) and ((Secretary of State for peace.))

  • He’s now Ambassador in Germany.

Has produced the following dossiers:

Has participated in the following dossier:

  • Témoignages de Paix / Testimonios de paz / As Said by Artisans of Peace

    Entretiens réalisés auprès d’Artisans de Paix, tous acteurs et protagonistes par leur engagement quotidien, de la construction d’un Art de la paix / Entrevistas realizadas con Artesanos de Paz, cada uno actor y protagonista en su compromiso cotidiano, de la construcción de un Arte de la paz / Interviews conducted with Artisans of Peace, all actors, through their daily commitment, of the construction of an Art of Peace.

A participé à l’atelier :

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