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Rethinking the foundations of the State, an analysis of post-crisis situations

This volume attempts to rethink the foundation of post-crisis States in four parts and an epilogue. The different authors deal with the rise of “parallel”, “alternative” or “hybrid” systems that present an adaptation made in response to the prolonged absence of central government. This form of governance is driven by the evolving role of coalitions, business groups, traditional authorities, and civic groups. Moreover, one can observe new forms and new places of expression for citizenships and for the shaping of the political scene. Two examples of this would be firstly the rise of the city as an increasingly relevant level for collective identification and the building of citizenship, and as a place for the balance of powers and counter-powers. The second is the internet as a new vector for the expression of opinions and interests, and for the building of collective identities [1]. The first part deals with the question of processes of State formation; the second with bottom-up State transformation; the third with top-down State transformation and the last with State Development.


[1Notes from the last session during the conference “Post-crisis State Transformation, rethinking the foundations of the State”, 1-5 May 2010.