a website of resources for peace is a documentary website whose purpose is to promote an exchange of knowledge and know-how at the service of the construction of an Art of peace.
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, Grenoble, April 2014 is a online magazine created in 2003, Orientated on peace journalism. (peacenews) is an online magazine created in 2003 in Vienna (Austria). It is focusing on peace journalism. This publication is non-profit because according to its authors, peace and peace journalism are of general interest and profit-maximising media or so called public media follow mainly other interests. The magazine is non-commercial and independent from political parties or religions. It is part of the new social movements which promote peace by peaceful means. Some of our stories are written in english:

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German, English, French



Its goal is to achieve Peace by peaceful means. Its works targets to emancipate, and aim to contribuate to its collaborators and lectors’s peacebulding capacities.

Means of action

Peace journalism.

Place(s) of action

Vienna, Austria, neighbor states of Austria, german speaking regions, Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia, Peaceful Poles.

Approach of peace

Peace by peaceful means.

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Peace, peace movement, Peace Research, Peace journalism, culture of Peace, Organizing Peace, Peace Education, Peace City, peace building, violence prevention, non-peace, global, globalization, intercultural, jobs for peaceworkers, conflicts, war, human rights, Middle East, International Law, Conflict Regions, Religions, Reviews, Social, USA, Vienna, Economy, peaceful wit and humor, Austria,