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Sebastien Babaud

In charge of projects for The Research Institute of Non-violent Resolution of Conflict (IRNC), Sebastion Babaud coordinates with Non-Violence XXI on the Civil Intervention of Peace dossier. A Geopolitics graduate, he specializes in the topic of building peace and conflict management. He is also a member of the Orientation Committee for the Alternatives Non-Violentes Review (ANV) and regularly collaborates with The Mouvement pour une Alternative Non-violente (MAN).

Has participated in the following dossier:

  • L’intervention Civile de Paix

    L’intervention civile est une intervention non armée, sur le terrain d’un conflit local. Elle consiste à mettre en œuvre des missions mandatées par une organisation intergouvernementale (OSCE, ONU), gouvernementale, ou non gouvernementale (ONG).

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