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Victor Valle

  • Víctor Valle was born Salvador (city of Santa Tecla) in 1941.

  • He studied Civil Engineering in Salvador, and Education in USA where he obtained a Master, in the University of Pittsburg in the 70’s, and a Doctorate, in George Washington University in the 80’s.

  • Victor Valle worked as an educator for OEA, in Washington. On the 90’s, he came in politic. He went back in Salvador after 22 years, when ending civil war negociations were finishing.

  • He led, as general secretary, the allied party of National Revolutionary Movement g the conflict.

  • He were a founding member of the National Commitee for Peace Strengthening, plural organism, created to supervise and negociate the new legislation about institutions born of negociations and constitutional reform.

  • He has been involved in security area reform, at first as a founding member of the Academic Council of National Public Security Academy, then as the General Inspector of the National Civil Police, organism in charge of supervising administration, operations, behavior and all about Human Rights. Both institutions were born from Peace Accords. Then he were civil servant in security, without being in govenment but being in opposition.

  • Since 2000, Victor Valle works for Peace University of Costa Rica, created by the General Assembly of United Nations, in 1980, where he’s the dean for latin America and Caribs, and The Departmt for Peace and Conflicts Studies Director.

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