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Passionate about human rights and social justice, Bana Saker is currently pursuing a career geared toward international studies and social sciences. After graduating from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, she decided to continue her studies at Stendhal University in Grenoble, France with the Master « International Cooperation and Multilingual Communication. » Born to Syrian parents, raised in the US, and studying currently in France, she speaks fluent Arabic, English, and French.

Over the years she has been a member of a number of student associations and worked for nonprofit organizations on topics of international interest (Examining Ubuntu, Comparisions Across Borders, Students Allied for Freedom and Equality, Bridging the Gap). She is also co-founder of the Ann Arbor Palestine Film Festival.

Since June 2012, Bana has been interning with Modus Operandi on the project : « Francophone actors working for peace » under the direction of Ms. Nathalie Cooren.

Has participated in the following dossiers:

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