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A Relational Approach to Peace Initiatives in Conflict situations

This tool serves the purpose of monitoring and evaluation. It helps to analyze experiences in peace-building and the effect of a peace movement as a whole.

The tool is intended to provide a framework for analysis of the different peace initiatives that respond to conflicts in different sub-regions within a region or a country. Specifically, in the Colombian context in which this tool was developed, the tool allows for the systematization and analysis of the actions undertaken by State and non-State actors to prevent, contain and overcome situations of violence arising from internal armed conflict.

Depending on whether the goal is to look at the overall panorama of peace initiatives in a given context or to thoroughly examine one or a couple of initiatives at the local level, the organization using the tool can either independently carry out the proposed analysis, and then put it up for discussion with those involved in peace efforts, or apply it hand in hand with local actors through participatory analysis.