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Brussels, November 2007

Nonviolent Peaceforce

Interventions in conflicts: large-scale civilian and military based missions and Peace teams

A review of material relating to large-scale interventions in conflict

An overview of the principal characteristics and activities of large scale civilian missions, military-based interventions and Peace teams.

Several examples of large-scale civilian, military based and peace missions will be analyzed, highlighting their characteristics and impact. The dossier will be initially developed by analyzing some cases studies of missions in Europe, Africa and Central America. The analysis will further continue by defining the major characteristics of civilian based missions, their aim and the activities undertaken to reach these goals. There will be described the main characteristics of military-based interventions, complex missions and military activities. After having defined the outcomes and impact of these activities, it will be further enquired how nonviolent intervention can be a valid alternative to military action. The analysis will be further developed by describing several case studies where nonviolence has failed, partially failed and succeeded. The role and main characteristics of Peace teams and larger-scale organisations will be defined, in particular concerning their interactions with various types of actors. Among them it will be considered the role of relationships with governmental and non-governmental organisations, and also the role of intra-team communication. As the dossier will highlight, effectiveness in the field will depend on positive, creative, and efficient relationships with these actors.

Authors :

  • Christine Schweutzer

  • Donna Howard

  • Carl Stieren

Adaptation by :

  • Rachel Julian

  • Mauro Morabito