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Christian Robineau

Born in 1961, Christian Robineau was a psychomotrician from 1983 to 1996. With a background in psychoanalytical training, he has practiced, since 1992, as clinical psychologist for children, teenagers and their families. A former conscientious objector (1983-1985), he has been a member :

  • of the National Bureau of the Movement of Conscientious Objectors (1985-1987), where he worked, more specifically, on international relations and training ;

  • of the Editorial Committee of the Journal of Objectors (1984-1988). Since 1998, he is a member of the IRNC and of the Orientation Committee of the Non-Violent Alternatives Review.

Selected Publications and Interventions :


    • « Un « rendez-vous citoyen » manqué » (A Failed « Civic Appointment »), Le Monde diplomatique, January 1997, p. 23.

    • « Intervenants civils et souffrance psychique » (Civic Participants and Psychical Sufferance) (in coll. with Ph. Lemarchand), intervention at the IRNC conference and of the ICP Committee of Civic Intervention : An opportunity for Peace, Paris, October 26-7, 2001. To appear in Non-Violent Alternatives.

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Has participated in the following dossier:

  • L’intervention Civile de Paix

    L’intervention civile est une intervention non armée, sur le terrain d’un conflit local. Elle consiste à mettre en œuvre des missions mandatées par une organisation intergouvernementale (OSCE, ONU), gouvernementale, ou non gouvernementale (ONG).

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